Find your IP Address whenever you want, lookup details about your IP address including map location
Are you ready for the next big thing at the chrome store? IP finder has finally arrived at the chrome store! Find your IP in seconds with this amazing 100% FREE app!

IP finder not just locates your IP address, but also will point your location on Google Map! It is so easy to use that anybody can use it!

Just add this 100% FREE app to your chrome browser, and anytime you need to know what your IP address is, just click on it, and in seconds, you will get your IP address and the location you’re in.

Don’t wait another minute, just add this amazing 100% FREE to your chrome browser NOW!

Don’t forget – after clicking on the app icon, a chrome browser will open, and you will see your IP address. If you want to see your location on the map, you will have to click “Allow” for letting the browser to find your current location.

Hi All, we glad you chose to add this amazing app to your chrome browser. Working with this app is super easy; your IP should already appear on the screen. It’s the big number you see in the upper part of the screen.

If this is the first time you using this app, you probably don’t see your location on Google Map, what you need to do is to click the “Allow” button on the upper part of the screen, allowing the browser to locate your current location.

This is it, plain and simple way to know what your IP address is, enjoy it. Please contact us through the contact form if you have any ideas or suggestions for us.

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